The “Corti di lunga memoria” Festival (Long memory short films festival) is an international short film festival, at its first edition.

The final evening of the Festival, that will take place in Ascoli Piceno, has been planned for 9th November 2019, exactly 30 years after the Fall of the Berlin wall, a key moment for the history of the contemporary Europe, a meaningful event that opened a brand new horizon. In the same way, through this very first edition, our Festival intends to usher in an initiative able to broaden new and significant cultural horizons.

The Festival wants to combine Cinema, History and Education, by welcoming artworks from all over the world, which can represent, through their subjects, one of the most relevant aspects of the European history over the last century.

“Long memory short films” has been created by Alberto De Angelis, who plays the role of the Festival art director. The initiative has been embraced by the ISC. (comprehensive secondary school) “Luciani – SS. Filippo e Giacomo”, which has participated as project leader in the Call “Cinema per la scuola – Buone Pratiche, Rassegne e Festival” (i.e. “Cinema for school – Good Practices, Exhibitions and Festivals”), announced and supported by MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research) and by MIBAC (Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities), receiving the highest funding among similar initiatives presented in Le Marche Region.

The Festival is supported and co-financed by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio of Ascoli Piceno.

The Festival has been organized, apart from the ISC. “L. Luciani”, by Hundred Dreams Production of Alberto De Angelis and Marco Trabucchi, together with Zen Movie, established European company of short films distribution. The film director Giulio Mastromauro, Zen Movie founder, is in charge of Festival internationalization and quality jury selection.

The Festival can count on a wide network of project partners. In addition to the project leader, the ISC “L. Luciani”, represented by the school principal Vincenza Agostini, there are other partners: Hundred Dreams Production, Zen Movie, Province of Ascoli Piceno, Contemporary History Institute of Ascoli Piceno (ISML), Bottega del Terzo Settore of Ascoli, ISC. “Mazzocchi – Umberto I” of Ascoli, School Project – Parents association of ISC. “L. Luciani”, La Casa di Asterione, Associak Distribuzione, Associazione Marsia a 360°, ANPI – Provincial Committee of Ascoli Piceno, Mobility it.

The Festival is sponsored by Fondazione Marche Cultura and Marche Film Commission.

We will shortly communicate the members of Festival quality jury. We are working on the composition of an extremely high quality jury to best evaluate your works.

In the meanwhile, subscriptions are open. Festival first award is 2.000 €, for a total prize money of 4.250 €.

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